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All-in-One Human Capital Management

Connect 100% of HR processes with Empower Human Capital Management

ECI® Empower Human Capital Management's user-friendly technology simplifies people management processes so HR teams can spend more time contributing and less time on paperwork and manual processes. Our Empower HCM software is a fully unified, single source application that facilitates end to end coverage of your organization’s most critical HR requirements. Leveraging a cloud-based, SaaS (Software as a Service) platform and access with one login, Empower delivers the ability to streamline communication, automate workflows and simplify the user experience across the entire employee lifecycle.

The software sounds great, but what about our people? 
When you choose us, you get a dedicated project manager and implementation team, ready to help you get comfortable inside of Empower so you can transform processes and fully maximize the potential of your HR department. And once you're live, we don't go away. Our customer support team is always there, ready to promptly respond to any request. Consider us a valuable member and friend of your organization, one you can access whenever you need. One that equips you with the power and flexibility to achieve your goals.

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