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Why Enterprise HRIS Payroll Solutions Matter

The management of human capital in world-class enterprise organizations demands fully featured HRIS payroll solutions that streamline the payroll function and seamlessly integrate with the organization’s existing IT ecosystem. More than simple payroll recordkeeping systems, the most advanced applications enable your organization to leverage payroll as a driver of cost savings and operational efficiency, creating meaningful improvements to your bottom line.

ECI® Empower HRIS Payroll Features

  1. Earnings and Deductions. ECI Empower facilitates an unlimited number of customized deductions, and ties deduction directly to the Benefits module. Featuring automatic verification, Empower further ensures consistency by connecting vacation, sick days, LOA, FMLA and other earnings categories to attendance tracking features.
  2. Payment. Empower creates a more efficient payroll payment system by enabling unlimited direct deposits with 24- to 48-hour turnarounds. For added value and convenience, organizations can also take advantage of check signing, check reconciliation, and check stuffing and sealing services.
  3. Reporting. In many organizations, payroll reporting is a magnet for operational inefficiency. Empower reduces costs by providing more than 300 standard reports and 20 verification reports including Gross-to-Net Payroll Register, Final Posted Payroll Register and Labor Distribution reports.
  4. Tax Filings. ECI HRIS payroll solutions simplify your organization’s tax filing system with features that streamline quarterly 941 processing, year-end 940 processing, W-3 transmittal and W-2 distributions as well as compliance with state filing requirements.

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