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A Unified HR Software Solution

Top 5 Empower Benefits

Since the inception of Payroll and Human Resources software users have been searching for a unified and single source application that allows them to manage each aspect of the employee life cycle. With this in mind, ECI® has developed our All-in-One Empower Human Capital Management software solution, including HR/Benefits/Payroll. This complete system uses a single database to connect 100% of HR processes. There is a single employee master record that offers customized views to users based on their job requirements. And our Empower Reporting Services business intelligence tools can access applicant, active and terminated employee data, as well as HR, Benefits and Payroll data so that consolidated, accurate and timely reports can be generated at a moment's notice.

Here are the top five benefits you can expect from Empower HCM
  1. Data integrity and consistency are greatly improved
  2. Access your HR processes with one login
  3. Fully unified from pre-hire to retire
  4. Collect and report on the employee data you need inside a single platform
  5. Empower grows with you

Learn how Empower products and services can help you simplify and unify HR with an All-in-One solution. .