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Empower Performance Management

ECI's Performance Management Solution not only automates and streamlines your performance review process, but it will also help your organization maximize the potential of your employees. You can align and track employee goals, measure employee performance, close skill gaps, and manage career plans. The main focus is to increase morale and create a culture of accountability in order to minimize concerns sometimes associated with completing reviews. ECI’s Performance Management Solution helps organizations turn the employee review process into a tool for building a stronger workforce that can deliver greater business results.

Product Features and Benefits

  • ECI’s Performance Management Solution allows both employers and employees the opportunity to better manage multiple review types, from self assessments to supervisor reviews of employees. In addition to allowing for different forms for the employee and employer, it will also allow variation in review forms based on the employee’s role or responsibilities.
  • Compensation reviews can be included, and routed for approval as other review types.
  • Review types can be managed with a variety of forms customizable by the client. Full employee reviews and self assessments can also be managed.
  • Dashboards are available within the Performance Management product for:

    • Employees to begin or edit current reviews, and view historical reviews.
    • Managers to begin, edit, or approve current reviews, as well as viewing historical reviews for current or prior reports.
    • Administrators to monitor progress on current reviews in process, as well as delete, approve, or share reviews. The Administrator dashboard will also provide a list of reviews not started for a specific time period.
  • The workflow definition allows for flexible routing by review type, including bi-directional reviews for approvals and rejections, with participants identified with either approver or view-only responsibility.
  • Notification of new reviews pending approval, and of reviews approved or rejected to employee and manager’s Empower message inbox, or to e-mail accounts.
  • Manage employee careers through goal setting and attainment, skill assessments, growth tracking, and establishing action plans. ECI’s Performance Management Solution allows for full integration into Empower and provides the flexibility to configure review types, routing, and approvals based on each individual client’s needs.