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Empower Benefits Management

Save time and paper.

The Empower Benefits Management saves countless hours for HR and benefits professionals by eliminating stacks of requests and piles of paperwork. It also decreases the costs associated with managing a geographically diverse work population.

With Empower Benefits Management, employees can use Self Service to review benefit information whether in the office, at home or on the go, eliminating the need to contact their HR/benefits professional.

Corporate, individual, and global benefit management allows for company benefit costing reports and individual benefit statements for flexibility and up to date management reporting. When combined with Empower HR and Open Enrollment, the Benefits Management provides a powerful, secure, and complete benefit management tool.

Empower gives you flexibility, integration, accuracy, customization, compliance.

Employees can
    •    Elect Defined Contribution plans such as 401(k) or ROTH to deduct a percent of pay or specific dollar amount
    •    Access personal information and benefit plans online*
    •    Electronically enroll in a rules-based system that allows only eligible selections to be made, reducing costly errors*
    •    Access benefit information and make benefit selections from any computer using the web, allowing employees to
          confer with family members in the privacy of their home during enrollment*
    •    Update or add contact information to change dependent and beneficiaries on benefit plans all within the
          open enrollment process*
    •    Check vacation and time off balances through check stubs and through Employee Self Service*

Managers & Administrators can
    •    Automatically add benefits upon new hire based on a profile and eligibility of specific plans
    •    Distinguish which dependent is covered under which plan
    •    Audit benefit carrier bills using benefit costing reports
    •    Set up unlimited Benefit Plans
Establish limits for Defined Contribution plans that account for multiple plans such as
          401(k) and ROTH
    •    Administer Group Term Life benefits and other Imputed Income plans to process taxable earnings
    •    Easy additions of benefit cost tables for changes and tracking premiums from year to year
    •    Administer multiple vacation or paid time off plans based on hours, pay period, monthly, quarterly, and annual
          accrual option
    •    Reduce data entry when benefits automatically create and update deduction records
    •    Easily create benefit costing using annual salary, benefit amounts, or age banding for different types of benefit plans
    •    Define tiered company matching for Defined Contribution plans
         * - Separate modules required